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Account Executive

Tim Mulligan

Bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role as an Account Executive at MLB Wholesale. With a robust background spanning over two decades in mortgage IT positions across various mortgage companies, Tim has developed a deep understanding of the industry landscape and its intricacies.


Driven by a passion for challenges and a desire to explore new avenues within the mortgage sector, Tim has made a seamless transition to the sales side. He brings with him a unique ability to interpret and translate the needs of loan officers, ensuring seamless communication and effective solutions. He is committed to delivering exceptional service while fostering strong relationships with clients.


Beyond his professional endeavors, Tim finds immense fulfillment in the people and culture of the mortgage industry, particularly in its role of facilitating homeownership opportunities. He believes in the transformative power of homeownership and takes pride in contributing to this significant aspect of people's lives.


Excited about the prospects that lie ahead, Tim looks forward to leveraging his skills and experience as he embarks on this new chapter as an account executive at MLB Wholesale.


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