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Once the borrower returns the signed ITP and you have your case number, you can order your appraisal through our MLB approved AMCs.  Our preferred AMCs are HALO !


Dale Wirkus at  or call at 732-806-8388


Rick Bernard at  or call at 914-319-4842

Keith Bisignano at or call at 914-648-9500

Rich Galdieri at or call at 973-479- 5692

Class Valuation

To place orders or sign up for credentials

 For any issues with sign up process, you can reach .

Appraisal Links

Pete McElroy at or  301-814-4686 / 240-301-2700


Nick Turansky at or 516-998-8368

Equity Solutions

Christy Shannon at or call at 615-454-6057

Kathy Thiesmeyer at or call at 248-970-0486

James Waldrop at or call at 248-970-0488

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