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Licensed States

This list is not inclusive of all states where MLB Wholesale may lend. MLB Wholesale is required to make the following disclosures by its regulatory authorities located in the applicable states. Not all states require such disclosures and information is subject to change without notice. LAST UPDATED November 28, 2023.

AL        23242AL               Consumer Credit License

AZ        1048704               AZ Mortgage Banker License

CA        41DBO-159464    CA-DOC Residential Mortgage Lending Act License

CO                                    CO Mortgage Company Registration

CT        ML-1101220         CT Mortgage Lender License

DE        22693                   DE Lender License

FL         MLD1128              FL Mortgage Lender Servicer License

IL          MB.6761677         IL Residential Mortgage License

IN         63348                   IN-DFI Mortgage Lending License

KS        MC.0026632         KS Mortgage Company License

KY        MC795672            KY Mortgage Company License

LA        1101220                LA Residential Mortgage Lending License

MD       1101220               MD Mortgage Lender License

MN       MN-MO-1101220 MN Residential Mortgage Originator License

MI         FR0024140           MI 1st Mortgage Broker/Lender/Servicer Registrant

MI         SR0024141           MI 2nd Mortgage Broker/Lender/Servicer Registrant

MS        1101220               MS Mortgage Lender License

MT        1101220               MT Mortgage Lender License

NC        L-212594              NC Mortgage Lender License

NJ                                      NJ RMLA-Licensed Mortgage Servicer Registration

NJ                                      NJ Residential Mortgage Lender License

NY         LMBC 108507      NY Mortgage Banker License

OH        RM.804839.000    OH Residential Mortgage Lending Act Certificate of Registration

OK        ML014428             OK Mortgage Lender License

OK        ML014506             OK Mortgage Lender License - Other Trade Name #1

PA         44104                    PA Mortgage Lender License

SC         MLS - 1101220      SC-BFI Mortgage Lender / Servicer License

TN        1101220                TN Mortgage License

TX                                       TX-SML Mortgage Banker Registration

UT                                       Utah-DFI Residential First Mortgage Notification license

VA         MC-7561               VA Broker License

VA         MC-7561               VA Lender License

WA        CL-1101220          WA Consumer Loan License (Washington State)

WI         1101220BA           WI Mortgage Banker License

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