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EFFECTIVE MAY 20th, 2024
**Mercury Network Appraisal Changes does NOT apply to Mini Correspondent Channels


You can register with Mercury Network by either entering the credentials emailed from Mercury Network OR you can register yourself by clicking the above link and then selecting the “Don’t have a free account? Sign Up” option.


If you encounter any login difficulties Please reach out to:

Phone: 1-800-900-4954



At MLB Wholesale, we understand the significance of a dependable and efficient appraisal ordering process. That's why MLB Wholesale utilizes the Mercury Network; a sophisticated platform for ordering appraisals. Rather than navigating through various Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs), a loan processor or loan officer can easily create an account with the MLB Wholesale Mercury Network and submit an order for the required appraisal product(s). Each order is carefully reviewed for accuracy before being automatically assigned to an AMC.

For each new milestone, users have the flexibility to adjust their notification preferences to suit their individual requirements. Additionally, MLB Wholesale Mercury Network users have the ability to:

  • Request revisions, reconsideration of values, add commentary, and upload important documentation.

  • Provide precise appraisal fee disclosures based on a predictable fee schedule.

  • Place orders 24/7, ensuring accessibility at all times.

  • Access friendly and responsive support whenever needed.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties,

please contact the Mercury Client Support at 1-800-900-4954

For all other matters that require escalation, please reach out to your AE.


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