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About MLB Wholesale

MLB wholesale was launched in January of 2021. You are a major reason why we have reached incredible and rapid success through out these years. Thank you for your trust with your business.


Your MLB Wholesale team, led by Jennifer Amir with a small group of key underwriters and operational people ALL have extensive wholesale experience- decades!


One thing that we have learned is that Lender's accurate and expeditious support service, not lips service, is what helps a mortgage broker professional (MBP) shine in their community.

We very much believe in technology. And, we believed technology albeit is super important but only a tool. These technology tools must enhance our relationships, free up your time and earn you your next deal!


Our Availability to you is huge! Verbal support is essential and integrated into our business mantra.

Large lenders don't get it. They seem to believe that people or mortgage brokers must 100% conform to their arduous business models or they will be punished!

Our wholesale company goal is maximum results with minimum effort.

White glove service, from 'scenario' to 'closing' is an absolute essential to us.

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Meet Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

"Establishing a good relationship, maintaining that relationship, and meeting the broker's need is always our main goal."


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