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Account Executive

Nick Coloma

Get ready to welcome Nick, our energetic new addition who’s been making waves in our Wholesale Division! His journey at MLB is a tale of ambition and connection since he heard only great things about MLB from a mutual associate. Diving in as an Account Executive into the mortgage industry has created ignited a spark in his mortgage career. He dreams of making a real impact in his town, offering help and becoming a familiar, trusted face in the community.

Nick's got a knack for customer service and building relationships. His enthusiasm for learning and sharing knowledge about our latest programs with his brokers is infectious. Every day, he's all in, fueled by a passion for connecting with people and making their experiences better.

Off the clock, he values personal time for recovery and self-reconnection, essential for charging up his energy to ace the next day. Nick’s not just an AE; he’s a beacon of enthusiasm, a believer in dreams, and a master of customer connections. Let’s give it up for Nick, a true asset to our team and community!


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