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Wholesale Business Manager

Andrea DeMatteo

Roughly 25 years ago, I began my voyage in the Mortgage Industry, starting in the Wholesale Channel as an Account Executive. But I'm not one to settle for surface-level understanding. Wanting to fully comprehend the nuances of what I was offering, I joined the Operations team for a "brief" overview of file workflows. That "brief" stint transformed into an enriching experience that spanned over two decades! Having worn hats as an Underwriter, Underwriting Manager, and Operations Manager, I've amassed not just expertise, but a deep-seated understanding of the process. This vast experience equips me to serve my partners with unparalleled expertise, care, and a passion that strives for excellence. Now, as I embrace the role of an Account Executive once again, I'm perfectly poised to give my all to every partnership.


One of the biggest lessons from my journey is the power of effective communication. It's the very essence that distinguishes one, especially when you're buoyed by an exceptional team - and I've found that perfect synergy at MLB Wholesale. If there's one conviction I hold dear, it's this: building a PARTNERSHIP TOGETHER fosters an unyielding bond, a bond that grows stronger with every hurdle we overcome.


Let's join hands and chart a course to success. I eagerly anticipate collaborating with you and your team, weaving a partnership that consistently delivers, with care, expertise, and passion.


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