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Account Executive

Vanessa Hernandez

Hi, I'm Vanessa Hernandez, and I'm thrilled to join MLB Wholesale as an Account Executive. My journey into the mortgage industry began after purchasing my first investment property, which piqued my interest and motivated me to become a loan officer. This role allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the mortgage process and inspired me to help others navigate their home buying journeys more effectively.

In my new role, I am excited to support and guide loan officers. Having been a loan officer myself, I understand the challenges they face and am eager to provide valuable insights and assistance. I thrive on helping and training others, always seeking to expand my knowledge to share with my team.

I'm committed to helping loan officers succeed by offering expert guidance and support. Continuous learning and improvement are key for me, and I aim to be a valuable resource for my colleagues. I look forward to contributing to the success of MLB Wholesale and empowering loan officers in their professional growth.


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