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Account Executive

John Collins

As a seasoned veteran in the mortgage industry with over three decades of multifaceted experience, I bring a unique perspective to my role as a Mortgage Wholesale Representative at MLB Mortgage. My journey began on the front lines, working as a loan officer and then Branch Manager in residential lending, where I mastered the art of building and nurturing referral networks with realtors, builders, and investors. This hands-on experience taught me invaluable lessons in client relationship management and understanding the intricate dynamics of the mortgage origination process.


Seeking to expand my horizons, I transitioned to the realm of construction, bridge, and commercial lending, serving as the Managing Member of Immobiliare Capital. In this capacity, I developed a keen eye for designing tailored lending programs that maximized project profitability for clients. Additionally, I gained invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of interest rate movements and maintaining strong relationships with a diverse network of local and regional lenders.


I briefly turned my interest to the private equity space as the Executive Vice President of Business Development for a National Real Estate Fund, which further solidified my expertise in regulatory compliance and capital raising strategies. I spearheaded a comprehensive restructuring of the compliance department, working closely with a top-tier law firm to ensure adherence to Reg D and Reg A legal frameworks.

I actively consult with various real estate firms through my consulting firm, "The Investment Exchange," assisting them in establishing robust funding platforms and staying ahead of the curve in the dynamic Reg D Fund space within the real estate ecosystem, as well as assisting them in finding funding solutions for their individual projects.


I now find myself in a unique position to share with mortgage brokers, through the MLB platform, my comprehensive experience spanning mortgage origination, construction lending, commercial finance, regulatory compliance, and capital raising. I possess a unique ability to understand and navigate the intricate challenges faced by mortgage brokers, both on the product side and the marketing side of the equation. At MLB Mortgage, I am committed to leveraging my extensive knowledge and industry connections to provide unparalleled support and tailored solutions that empower brokers to achieve their business objectives.


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